Duplicate Remover and Merger Pro - Overview

Improve your iPhone Contacts experience and overall Address Book performance.

Duplicate Remover and Merger Pro App is available on App Store and will remove and merge duplicate contacts automatically in just one tap. Even if thousands of duplicates are spotted, they all will be thoroughly analyzed and removed. All identical duplicates will be deleted and similar ones will be merged automatically ensuring that no data is ever lost. Use Duplicate Remover and Merger PRO after each sync or contacts import to remove and merge new duplicates in seconds and make sure your address book is duplicate free.

Advanced algorithm will prevent the loss of your precious data.

Fully automated and fool proof iOS app, no need for manual management of duplicates.

IMPORTANT: Duplicates will be searched and deleted separately for each contact source. If you want to avoid duplicates in "All Contacts", link duplicate contacts by using unified contact "Linked Cards" feature when you edit an original contact.

IMPORTANT 2: Because of Exchange Accounts limitations (limited contacts fields availability; i.e. only 3 phones and 3 e-mail addresses), some contacts data will not be merged during the process of merging. Compare a deleted original Contact from the Trash Can with the merged contact and add the missing information.

Examples of actual performance test (your "miles" can vary):
iPhone 3GS (iOS 4.2):
  1. 350 Contacts (many duplicates)
    Time: 35 sec.
    109 duplicates deleted, 15 merged
  2. 1650 contacts (many duplicates)
    Time: 6:30 Min.
    1287 duplicates deleted, 13 merged